Alloy Wheel Refurbishment


If you love your car then you probably adore your wheels too. But maybe they just aren’t looking as shiny and new as before. Fact is, your alloys are put through a whole deal on a daily basis, including rain, road tar, salt, snow, oh and lets not forget the kerbs.

We can bring your alloys back to any factory lacquered finish. Maybe you also want a change? Don’t worry we can refinish your alloys in any colour you desire.


  • Stage 1Al​loys are chemically cleaned of all dirt and grease for inspection
  • Stage 2 - Damage is repaired where necessary and alloys are prepared for primer
  • Stage 3 - Alloys are hand prepared ready for the refinishing stage
  • Stage 4 - Base coat in your choice of colour is applied. Finished by using a scratch resistant topcoat
  • Stage 5 - Alloys are checked for blemishes and machine polished if necessary