Vehicle Diagnostics



When your vehicle develops a fault, the onboard computer stores the fault and alerts you via a warning light on the dash. A diagnostic check helps to clearly identify the fault and any replacement parts needed quickly and efficiently, saving you on labour costs. A full diagnostic check also includes a scan of all other vehicle component systems including ABS, Airbag, and all other modern CANBUS systems. We use the latest most up to date diagnostic equipment on the market which covers all makes and models upto 2012. (For full vehicle coverage see below)

Our diagnostic equipment can access your vehicle’s electronic system just how your car dealer can, enabling a whole host of extra functions:

  • Suspension & 4WD
  • Automatic Gearbox
  • ECU Coding
  • Key Programming
  • Immobiliser & Central Locking
  • Air Con & Climate Control
  • Parking Sensors
  • Infotainment Systems
  • Entertainment Systems
  • Body Control & Comfort  Systems

We can also reset Full, Interim and OIL​. Service Lights including Brake Pad Wear Sensor Lights.